TerraLense - The Science of Being There

A home for the TerraLense project form EsriHacks 2017. Created by Amir Ahmadi, Laura Davis, Mikayla Angeles, Dana Melamed, & Luke Guerdan.

TerraLense - The Science of Being There

Climate change is an important phenomenon to address, yet it is often difficult to see concretely how actions lead to environmental consequences. At the ESRI Intern Hackathon, we wanted to address this.

TerraLense is mixed reality application for visualizing the effects of climate change an engaging and memorable way. This project was developed using Unity and HoloLens at EsriHacks, the annual intern hackathon hosted at ESRI. Our project received the 2nd place and Best Presentation awards.

Interesting technical aspects of this project included:

  • Custom HaloLense gester control of map surfaces
  • Dynamically querying location based data and displaying it in a map
  • 3D raster display of landscapes

TerraLense Demo